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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023BAP Kecerdasan Tiruan_Nina Sevani_Genap 2022Sevani, Nina
2022BAP Komunikasi Data_2022-1_Nina SevaniSevani, Nina
2023BAP Machine Learning_Nina Sevani_Genap 2022Sevani, Nina
2022BAP Sistem Pakar_2022-1_Nina SevaniSevani, Nina
2022Berita Acara Sidang Tugas Akhir_2022-1_Nina SevaniSevani, Nina
2022-11Cover COMNETSAT 2022_A Study of Convolution Neural Network Based Cataract Detection with Image SegmentationSevani, Nina
2021-10-02Cover ICEEIE 2021_Detection of Hate Speech by Employing Support Vector Machine with Word2Vec ModelSevani, Nina
2015-11Cover ICODSE 2015_Personal Health Care Framework for ChildrenSevani, Nina
2020-11Cover ICONETSI 2020_The Comparison of Some Version of Linear Vector Quantization (LVQ) for Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Early DetectionSevani, Nina; Soenandi, Iwan; Sali, Richardo
2019-05-31Crystalline structure and optical properties of thin film LiTaO3Djohan, Nani; Estrada, Richie; Sevani, Nina; Hardhienata, Hendradi; Irzaman, Irzaman
2013FIKI 2013_SMS Remainder dan Penjadwalan Cuci Darah Bagi Pasien HemodialisisSevani, Nina
2017-12IMPS 2017_Prototype Application of Immunization Reminder/Recall as a Tool for Public Health Services ImprovementSevani, Nina
2017INCITE 2017_Food and Feeding Time Remainder System to Support the Fulfilment of Nutritional Standards for InfantsSevani, Nina
2020-03ISIEM 2020_Implementation of backpropagation artificial neural network for early detection of vitamin and mineral deficiencySevani, Nina
2018ISRITI 2018_Theoretical Model of Determinants Factors of Health Information Technology (HIT) AcceptanceSevani, Nina
2018-11LISAT 2018_Crystalline structure and optical properties of thin film LiTaO3Sevani, Nina
2018-07NICTE 2018_Detection anemia based on conjunctiva pallor level using k-means algorithmSevani, Nina
2018-10The Optical Band Gap Based on K-M Function on Layer of LiTaO3 with Variation Treatment of Annealing TemperatureDjohan, Nani; Sevani, Nina; Estrada, Richie; Hardhienata, Hendradi; Irzaman, Irzaman
2023Presensi Kehadiran Mahasiswa Kecerdasan Tiruan_Nina Sevani_Genap 2022Sevani, Nina
2022Presensi Kehadiran Mahasiswa Komunikasi Data_2022-1_Nina SevaniSevani, Nina