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Title: Optimization of A Shock Absorber Assembly Line Using Simulation
Authors: Soenandi, Iwan
Keywords: Computer simulation
Assembly line
Issue Date: 19-Nov-2018
Abstract: This paper reports findings of a optimization study of shock absorber assembly line using computer simulation software. The shock absorber assembly line feeds shockers to the motorcycle assembly line. The assembly line simulated in this project is located at an OEM for the largest motorcycle manufacture in Indonesia. In this paper, results of simulation are presented from two scenarios. The first is the original layout of the system. The second simulation is the suggested optimization modifications. Data was gathered and evaluated to determine the necessary parameters to be used. The new demand required the OEM to increase its capacity by 100 shock absorbers per day. After implementing the proposed model the daily output increased by 120 shock absorbers per day. The highlights of our analysis was this increase in production rate by balancing the flow process cycle time with new allocation resources.
ISBN: 1978-774X
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