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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Histopathological Changes of Testes and Testosterone Level of Mice that are Exposed to Permot Leaf Mosquito Mat (Passiflora foetida)Susilowati, Rina Priastini
2018-05The Effectiveness of Herbal Mosquito Coils “Morizena” Against Aedes aegypti DeathSusilowati, Rina Priastini; Darmanto, Win; Aminah, Nanik Siti
2017-04Efektivitas Daun Permot (Passiflora foetida) sebagai Obat Nyamuk dan Pengaruhnya pada Sel Darah MencitSusilowati, Rina Priastini
2012-03Gambaran Histologis Paru, Hati dan Ginjal Mencit Jantan (Mus musculus) yang Terpapar Bioinsektisida Ekstrak Kulit JerukSusilowati, Rina Priastini; FarFar, Inggrid Osya
2017-12Determination of Aedes Aegypti Resistance Status with Bioassay and Biochemical Test in Medang Tangerang against Synthetic PyrethroidSusilowati, Rina Priastini; Hartono, Budiman
2017-11Biochemical Test of Maja Leaves Powder (Aegle Marmelos) as a Larvacide Against Aedes aegyptiSusilowati, Rina Priastini; Sari, Monica Puspa
2016-05Uji Toksisitas Obat Nyamuk Bakar Herbal Berbahan Ekstrak Daun Permot (Passiflora foetida): Kajian Histopatologis Hati dan Ginjal MencitSusilowati, Rina Priastini
2018-01Uji Bioinsektisida Ekstrak Daun Permot (Passiflora foetida) terhadap Kecoa Jerman (Biatella germanica)Susilowati, Rina Priastini; Sari, Monica Puspa
2017-04Subchronic Toxicity Test of Maja (Aegle marmelos L.) Corr Fruit Extract on Mice (Mus musculus) Liver and KidneySusilowati, Rina Priastini
2019-01Efektivitas Ekstrak Daun Maja (Aegle marmelos (L) Corr) sebagai Larvasida Aedes aegyptiSari, Monica Puspa; Susilowati, Rina Priastini